Snow Plows

The durable, fully featured BOSS Snow Plows are the ultimate tool to fight all things snow and ice. BOSS V-Plows and Straight-Blade Plows are a great tool to have in your arsenal against winter. BOSS treats all their plows with their SmartShield technology to keep your plow corrosion-free and looking its best. These plows are designed to be easy to use and come with a chainless hydraulic cylinder lifting system to make them easy to handle.

Straight Blade Plows come with a Full Moldboard Trip Design reinforced to keep the ride smooth and your plow and truck safer from damage. The cast-iron plow shoes provide extended wear resistance and the shock absorption technology stabilizes the trip in both forward and return position.

V-Plows come with a patented dual-trip design, a heavy-duty push frame, and a reinforced moldboard for added strength, durability and protection.

The smooth-running BOSS Plows are state of the art for plowing protection — proof that BOSS backs you up!